Heavy Load Handling

Within the product sector Heavy Load Handling Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH offers to their customers a wide range of solutions for lifting, transport and turning of heavy loads, even in case of ambitious dimensions of the goods to be handled.

Depending on the individual situation our Heavy Load Handling Systems can handle easily goods up to a weight of 100 tons and more. Here we have access to several decades of experience of our production partner Hedin Lagan AB, whom we do represent exclusively within Germany as well as for international projects. By this way we can assure you the highest possible quality standard.   

The range of products within the product sector of Heavy Load Handling mainly consists of battery-driven Heavy Load Transport Carts with a lot of different versions for in-house transport of heavy loads. Furtheron we offer stationary installations for turning / manipulating of heavy products with wide dimensions and a lot of different geometries.

Basing on our extremely flexible concept with a few standardised drive units in combination with a wide range of very different load units, these Heavy Load Transport Carts are in use at nearly all kinds of industries.

These Heavy Load Transport Carts are available as Universal Transport Carts, Pallet Trucks, Flatbed Trucks as well as Push - / Pull Units with hydraulically operated couplings for manoeuvring of a lot of different "Transport Trailers".
Depending on their different use the Heavy Load Transport Carts are equipped with a hydraulic lifting system for small or big lifting stroke.

The Heavy Load Transport Carts are in use at very different industrie sectors, for example 

  • as Coil Transport Cart for transport and loading of coils onto decoilers as well as for offloading of coils from recoilers within all kind of coil processing companies as well as within coil service centers
  • as Die Change Cart for transport of press dies of a lot of tons weight as well as for pushing these press dies into the presses and to pull them out of the presses of customers out of the stamping industry as well as metal forming industry.
  • as assembly cart or transport cart within the production of generators, transformers, big gearboxes e.t.c.
  • as flatbed truck within flow production lines of windenergy systems producers, for example for assembly of complete nacelles of wind energy systems. They also are used for assembly of single component groups. Weights of 100 tons or more of the assembled unit to be handled are "daily work".   

Stationary units for turning and manipulating of heavy and big products with a wide variety of geometries are used to  

  • turn big components / complete groups of components with heavy weight
  • split and manipulate big press dies, so that the maintenance work necessary to be done at the press dies can be done by the operators in a safe, fast and ergonomically optimal way.
  • open and maintain plastic injection moulds with mould weight of 50 tons and more

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